Ways to Love Our Neighbor

If you want to help out, here is a list of local, national, and international organizations that are working to ensure food, aid, and medical supplies are delivered to those who need it.

Second Harvest Food Bank

With the help of our supporters and volunteers, Second Harvest Food Bank works through a network of more than 300 partner agencies and programs to provide wholesome food and fresh produce to more than 400,000 hungry children, seniors and families in Orange County every month.

To volunteer for these crucial tasks, go here: feedoc.org/volunteer


Common Ground

Common Ground exists as a community located in a warehouse where they provide an after school program.

"We believe that the most life changing way to impact a youth’s life is to share the love and hope of Christ with them. Tangibly, this is accomplished by our various programs and initiatives specific to the community of Oak View. Our programs have only grown as the years go by, as well as our fundraising and support base."


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